About Spherical Cow Group

The SCG team has worked together on identity management solutions and calendaring solutions for the higher education and research communities since its founding in 2012. Collectively, we have decades of experience in campus and research IT.

Our Members

  • Mike Douglass

    Mike Douglass is the lead developer for the Bedework Calendaring System and the current Interoperability Test Event Manager for CalConnect, the Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium. Through his work with both CalConnect and Oasis, Mike has authored several calendaring standards and participates in updating many others. He is a hands-on professional with significant experience in enterprise-level Java architectures and large distributed and multi-threaded systems. Recent work includes development in CalDav, CardDav, ElasticSearch, Solr, JBoss, and Wildfly.

  • Heather Flanagan

    Heather Flanagan wears a variety of hats, from project management, to technical writing and editing, to group facilitation. She is heavily engaged in the standards development community, and actively involved in international research and education identity management discussions. She is also the coordinator for the COmanage project, a collaboration management platform (CMP) effort funded out of a grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) and Internet2. Heather has run identity management tutorials around the world, including at WACREN 2016 and APAN 42, and has helped coordinate several sessions and panels at meetings such as REFEDS, Internet2's Global Summit and Technology Exchange, the Society for Scholarly Publishing, and the International Association of Scientific Technical and Medical Publishers. More information on her various activities and roles can be found on her LinkedIn profile.

  • Arlen Johnson

    Arlen Johnson has over two decades of experience in higher education and commercial web development specializing in user interfaces, user experience, and graphic design. He is a developer for the Bedework Enterprise Calendar and COmanage projects with a strong background in content management frameworks, accessibility, custom app development, and production systems. Arlen holds an MFA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
    Read more about Arlen.

  • Scott Koranda

    Scott Koranda, PhD, specializes on identity management architectures that streamline and enhance collaboration for research organizations. Since 2008, Scott has designed, deployed, and supported production infrastructures using the Shibboleth Identity Provider (IdP), Shibboleth Native Service Provider (SP), Grouper, and COmanage.

    A member of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) collaboration for over 10 years, Scott has served as the lead architect for the LIGO Identity and Access Management project since 2007. He was co-principal investigator on the NSF grant that funds COmanage development, and served on the InCommon Assurance Advisory Committee. He is an active member of the REFEDs community and promotes leveraging higher education and research SAML identity federations to support large international virtual research organizations. Before turning his interests to identity management for research and higher education Scott focused on data replication and high throughput computing for LIGO. Scott received his PhD in Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His thesis focused on the effect of gravitational waves in the early universe.

  • Benjamin Oshrin

    Benn has been involved with various aspects of IT in higher education for over two decades, including affiliations with Columbia, Rutgers, and Yale Universities. He has recently been focusing on Identity Management and systems architecture, and is the architect for the COmanage Project. Benn is the managing partner for SCG.

  • Laura Paglione

    Laura Paglione joined the Spherical Cow Group in late 2018. Her global project work is focused on efforts that help fuel innovation and societal impact through enhanced research infrastructure. She works with groups such as ORCID, Metadata 2020, Global Alliance for Genomic Health, Open Pharma, the global Federated Identity Management community and others to provide strategic input and analysis, business and organizational model development, new organization/ product launch advisory services, and complex system-based problem-solving. She has over 25 diverse years of experience, most recently serving as the founding technical director of ORCID, a global not-for-profit organization with the mission to address name ambiguity for researchers. She serves on the InCommon Federation Steering Committee and advocates for Service Providers within the federated identity community. Laura holds an ScM in Computer Science from Brown University and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management. Learn more about Laura.

  • Tom Zeller

    Tom has degrees in Physics, the Integrated Science Program, and Information Technology from Northwestern University and believes that privacy preserving identity infrastructures are critical to a free and open Internet. His information technology experience in education began under the guidance of his father, an educator and consultant to school districts near Chicago. This background enabled Tom to work independently to help pay for college, followed by working in grades kindergarten through higher education since before Mosaic. He has developed and managed networks and software interesting to science and education communities. Currently, Tom is a lead developer for the Shibboleth project.

    His non-profit work includes serving on the board of the Swan Conservation Trust, which conserves the hardwood forests and watersheds of the remaining nearby Highlands. His family is learning how to live sustainably and peacefully in a community in rural Middle Tennessee.

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When not traveling the globe, our members make their homes across the United States in New York, Tennessee, Washington, and Wisconsin.