COmanage is a collaboration management platform with support for invitation and enrollment services, notifications, group management, and provisioning.

In 2010, a team came together to work on COmanage, focusing on distributed research organizations and their unique identity management requirements. We soon found that in addition to the participating science organizations distributed policy organizations, ad hoc groups within traditional organizations, non-profit groups, and more requested access to this unique collaboration platform, indicating that supporting a more flexible approach to onboarding, enrollment, and invitations in a federated identity context was a growing market.

With the conclusion of the grant funding this work in sight, the core development team came together to form the Spherical Cow Group, a consulting group ready to help less-than-traditional organizations understand and implement better identity management tools and practices.

The goals of SCG include:

  • Continue the open source development of the COmanage platform by understanding and implementing the identity management requirements of non-traditional organizations
  • Provide identity management consulting services around COmanage, Grouper, and Shibboleth
  • Help organizations understand, prepare for, and implement the InCommon Assurance Framework